Guardian Home Program

Guardian Home Program

What is a guardian home? A guardian home is a family who becomes a forever home for one of our dogs in our breeding program. This program is designed in a way to benefit everyone, most inportantly the dogs, who are raised in the home that becomes their permanent forever home after their time of breeding is over.

We retain ownership and breeding rights while the dog lives with the guardian family. When the guardian dog is of age, we will get his/her health clearances done and then breed them to a sire of our choosing.

The guardian dog comes to our home to be bred and then she will return to the guardian family until one week before her expected due date when she will return to us to whelp and until her puppies are weaned and ready to be placed in their new homes. The guardian dog will then be returned back to you, her guardian family.

Guardian families are responsible for normal dog care including but not being limited to: training, vet care, food, treats, grooming, monthly worming, and flea and tick care. (Fox Ridge English Golden Retrievers pays for all breeding related expenses and health testing.)

When we deem not to breed the guardian anymore the guardian dog is spayed at Fox Ridge Golden Retrievers expense and ownership is transferred to the guardian family.

Must live within 2 hours of Fox Ridge English Golden Retrievers.

If you think you would make a great guardian family, please fill out the application and hit send. We only accept guardian homes that live within two hours of us.

Guardian Home Questionnaire